I.  Legal status and characteristics of PRIMA MODA SPÓŁKA AKCYJNA

1.        General information

2.        Legal form

3.        Company Authorities

4.       Shareholding structure of the Company

5.       Statement on the application of corporate governance


II.  Financial standing of the Company

1.       Products offered

2.       Sales and markets

3.        Financial results

4.       Information on loans and advances taken out and terminated in a given year

5.       Information on loans granted in a given year

6.       Information on guarantees granted and received in a given year

7.       Employment

8.       Information on concluded significant agreements


III.   Additional information

1.       Significant events in 2020

2.      Information on the Company’s organizational or capital ties with  other entities.

3.        Information on material transactions entered into by the issuer or its subsidiary with related parties on non-market terms.

4.       Description of the Company’s use of the proceeds from the issue of securities

5.       Explanation of differences between the results shown in the annual report and previously published forecasts of results for a given year

6.       Assessment of the management of financial resources, with particular regard to the ability to meet the commitments made

7.       Basic hazards and risks and their management

8.       Assessment of the feasibility of implementing investment plans, including capital investments

9.       Assessment of factors and unusual events affecting the result of operations for 2020

10.   Characteristics of external and internal factors important for the development of the Company and description of the Company’s development prospects

11.   Changes to the basic rules of management

12.   Changes in the composition of persons managing and supervising the Company, rules for appointing and dismissing managing persons

13.   Agreements concluded between the Company and the Managing Persons providing for compensation in the event of their resignation or dismissal from their position

14.   Remuneration, awards or benefits paid to managers and supervisors

15.   Number and nominal value of shares in the Company and other entities of the capital group held by managers and supervisors

16.   Indication of shareholders holding, directly or indirectly through subsidiaries, at least 5% in the total number of votes at the general meeting of the Company

17.    Information on agreements known to  the Company as a result of which changes in the proportions of shares held by existing shareholders and bondholders may occur in the  future

18.   Identification of the holders of any securities that confer special control rights over the Company together with a description of those rights

19.   Information on the control system of employee share plans


20.   Restrictions on the transfer of ownership of the Company’s securities and restrictions on the exercise of voting rights attached to the Company’s shares

21.   Information resulting from contracts concluded with an entity authorized to audit financial statements

22.  Internal control and risk management systems

23.   Information on ongoing significant proceedings in court

24.   Events after the balance sheet date significantly affecting the Company’s operations

25.   Major achievements in the field of research and development

26.    Equity shares


27.    Financial instruments