The Management Board of Prima Moda S.A. with its registered office in Wrocław, based on pairs. 33 point 1 of the Regulation of the Minister of Finance of 19 October 2005 on current and periodic information published by issuers of securities, provides information on the completed public offering:

1. Subscription start date: 5.11.2007; Subscription end date: 11/13/2007

2. Allocation date: 15.11.2007

3. The subject of the public offering was 1,200,000 units. series C ordinary bearer shares with a nominal value of PLN 0.50 each, offered by the Company as part of the subscription. 4. Reduction rate: in the Large Investors Tranche, the reduction rate was 2,58 % (the allocation rate was 0,974). In the Open Tranche, no reduction occurred.

5. In the Tranche of Large Investors, 6 correctly submitted and properly paid subscriptions were accepted for 715,999 units. Action. In the Open Tranche, 351 properly submitted and paid subscriptions for 500,000 shares were accepted.

6. In the Open Tranche, 500,000 shares were allocated, in the Large Investors Tranche 700,000 shares were allocated.

7. The Issue Price of series C shares amounted to PLN 12 per share.

8. Number of people to whom shares were allocated: in the Large Investors Tranche — 6. In the open tranche — 351.

9. No underwriting agreements were concluded.

10. The value of the subscription: PLN 14,400,000.

11. As of today, the total costs of the issue booked and estimated will amount to about PLN 886,350 gross, of which:

– costs of preparing and conducting the offer: approx. PLN

332,320 – remuneration of the underwriters: PLN 0,

– costs of drawing up the Prospectus, including consultancy costs: approx. 361.608 pln.

– promotion of the offer: approx. 192,422 plnThese

will reduce the Company's reserve capital.

12. Average cost of subscription and sale per 1 series C share (1,200,000 issued shares): PLN 0.73

  Date Name Position/Function Signature  
  2007-12-21 Dariusz Plesiak Ceo Dariusz Plesiak  
  2007-12-21 Catherine Butwicka Vice-President of the Management Board Catherine Butwicka