Management of Prima Moda company inform, accord with resolution of the Board No 1/02/2009 from 23 February 2009 in February 2009 that examine the financial statements for the year 2008, was set up by the company PKF Audit Sp. o.o. with, the person entitled to examine the number 548 Change in Auditor are formal, because PKF Audit Sp. z o.o. is a company that is specializes in audit services within the group PKF Consult is a subsidiary in 100% from PKF Consult Sp. z oo, operator previously selected to examine the financial statements for 2008 (RN 1/07/2008 Resolution of 29 July 2009, the current report 22/2008)
Dariusz Plesiak – Prezes Zarządu
Katarzyna Butwicka – Wiceprezes Zarządu