I. Net revenue from the sale of products, goods and materials131741582728783573
Ii. Profit (loss) on operating activities155954659421221
Iii. Gross profit (loss)1065-1093233-249
Iv. Net profit (loss)998-1093218-244
V. Number of shares in pieces3200320032003200
Vi. Assets115591151125132494
Vii. Equity9862918421441990
Viii. Long-term liabilities41221845896400
Ix. Current liabilities125001414627183065
X. Book value per share (PLN/euro)3,082,870,670,62
Xi. Net cash flow from operating activities877889192199
Xii. Net cash flow from inventory activities-7460-1630
Xiii. Net cash flow from financing activities80105417236
The annual report should contain components and information in accordance with the provisions of the Regulation on current and periodic information or, as appropriate, in accordance with Article 110011. Article 56(a) Article 1(2)(.b) and Article 1(2) 61 of the Law on Offering or, as appropriate, in accordance with Article 61 of the Act on Public Offering. Article 56(a) Article 1(2) and (1) Article 6 of this Act
Financial Statements and Management Board's Report for Financial Statement and Management Board's Report for 2021.zipFinancial statements and Management Board's Report for 2021
test test report.ziptest report
primamoda_2021-12-31_pl. BES.xhtml.xades primamoda_2021-12-31_pl. BES.xhtml.xadesPrima Moda Financial Statements for 2021
PRIMAMODA_2021-12-31_pl.xhtml.xades PRIMAMODA_2021-12-31_pl.xhtml.xadesReport of the Independent Statutory Auditor
sprzdzialprimamoda-2021-12-31_pl. BES.xhtml.xadessprzdzialprimamoda-2021-12-31_pl. BES.xhtml.xadesReport on the activities of Prima Moda S.A. for 2021
Statement of the Management Board – audit firm. BES.pdf Statement of the Management Board – audit firm. BES.pdfStatement of the Management Board
Evaluation of the Supervisory Board's report.pdf Assessment of the Supervisory Board's report.pdfEvaluation of the Supervisory Board's report
Oświadczenie_rada nadzorcza_WBS Audit.pdf Oświadczenie_rada nadzorcza_WBS Audit.pdfDeclaration of the VR