About us – Shareholders

Dariusz Plesiak Ceo
Supervisory board
Thomas Bistulas Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada
Alfredo Sorvillo Member of the Verkhovna Rada
Jaroslaw Jakubowski Member of the Verkhovna Rada
Pasquale Lupoli Member of the Verkhovna Rada
The main shareholders of Prima Moda SA Above 5%
Lp Shareholder Share in the capital Number of shares Last change Market value (PLN) Participation at the AGM Votes Last change Update date
1 Dariusz Plesiak and Renata Jankiewicz-Plesiak 56.88% 1,820,000 39,982 2.26M 69.17% 3,320,000 -60,018 25-Nov-19
Together   56.88% 1,820,000   2.26M 69.17% 3,320,000