Current Report No. 8 / 2010
Legal basis:
Article 56. 1 point 2 of the Act of the Public Offer – current and periodic information
Prima Moda Management SA inform that the interim report for first quarter 2010, published on May 17 2010, Annex "QI Financial Report 2010" for technical reasons, not been published in an suitable form, "Statement of financial position (balance sheet), and "Statement of Cash Flows." In the document "Statement of financial position" was not included in the table part of assets. The "Report of Cash Flows" has been duplicated, without changing the essentially matter, some of the information in the table.Attachements contains detailed information regarding the corrected fragments "QI 2010 Financial Reports."
Attachment: eko4177733_1 (Polish only) Sprawozdanie finansowe Q1 / 2010 (Polish only)