Legal basis:
Article 70 paragraph 1 of the Act on Public Offering – the purchase or sale of a significant block of shares
Prima Moda Management SA announces that today it has received notice from IPOPEMA TFI SA based in Warsaw, ul.Waliców 11, as a result of the acquisition on 11 August 2010 share Prima Moda SA based in Wroclaw, the share ALIOR Opened Specialized Investment Fund managed by IPOPEMA TFI, the total number of votes at the general meeting of the Company, exceeded the threshold of 5%. Prior to the acquisition of shares above the Prima MODA SA, ALIOR SFIO had 223 916 shares, ie 4.67% of total votes at the AGM, representing 7% of the capital. At the date of this notice ALIOR SFIO has 247 246 shares of the Company Prima Moda SA, ie 5.15% of the vote at the AGM, which represents 7.73% of the share capital of the Company.
Dariusz Plesiak – President of the Management Board
Katarzyna Butwicka – Vice President of the Management Board